Regularity Master was present

in Historic Monte Carlo Rally 2018.

4 crews have trusted our technology.

Congratulations to all of them.

Our official crew, 126, reached the podium,

classifying in 2nd overall position.

Thank you guys, great performance!!



After a successful 2017 season,

Regularity Master is getting prepared for

Historic Monte Carlo Rally 2018.

4 crews will trust our technology.



HAT-TRICK for Regularity Master

3 crews in 3 top positions

at Historic Rally of Greece 2017



On its very first year, Regularity Master was present at Historic Monte Carlo Rally

A great thanks to crew nr. 29 which has trusted our RM-57-C custom model.


Our crew, winners of Historic Rally of Greece 2016

Regularity Master will keep developing through competition in 2017


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